Nowadays, several people with a minimum of knowledge in the world of the web are able to afford a site without putting too much effort. On the other hand, it is not because you can get a turnkey solution that you are able to obtain a functional design. There are many design factors to consider when creating a website and it is important to have them in mind at all times when working on the website. Investing in graphics to present a site with a functional design is a key to the success of your business on the Internet and these 5 reasons will explain why.

1. Graphic design adds professionalism to your business.

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The main reason why it is important to invest in graphic design is that design is often linked to the professionalism of your company. Quite simply. A site with a functional and adequate design will greatly increase users’ opinion of the professionalism of your business. In other words, if your site is not personalized or not optimized, you will probably reflect an impression of amateurism in your field of activity.

The reason is very simple, nowadays, surfers are much more educated and sophisticated when it comes to browsing the web. Their expectations are higher simply because the sites they visit weekly impose a vision of design that is modern, functional, refined and consistent. If they sail on a site that does not meet the standards they see everywhere on the web, there is a good chance that they decide to turn back and continue their search elsewhere.

2. Graphics to optimize the user experience

Today’s web design trends are heavily user-oriented or in other words: “How to ensure that a visitor can enjoy the best possible experience on your site? “. The user experience (or UX) seeks to understand how the user feels when interacting with a digital product. This concept encompasses several factors, some of which are controllable by designers or site designers. These factors include:

  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • Graphic Design
  • Navigation ergonomics
  • Human interaction
  • Marketing management

In terms of design, the user experience is as important as the visual identity. In other words, it is absolutely useless to have an attractive site, visually speaking, if users do not know how to interact with it.

These notions are all the more relevant for small and medium-sized businesses as the website is often the best way to get a good first impression. A thoughtful design can give a momentum that will help the company grow in the right direction. Remember, a user decides in just a few seconds if your site deserves their time … So it’s approximately this time that you will have to catch his attention.

3. Design for easy navigation

An optimized website should be able to offer a simple and fluid navigation to the users and by the same to keep them on your site longer. Internet users expect to quickly find the information they are looking for and if they do not find it, they will simply leave your site for another. Why that? Because it is much easier to return to a search engine to refine a search rather than search through a site that does not offer the information that the user searches from the start. Do not complicate the task of your visitors by offering them pages that are inadequate or too complex … Give them what they want from the start.

4. Design to achieve its goals

It’s important to understand that your site needs to be well constructed so your visitors can see what you want them to see. There is always a reason behind setting up a website to sell products, to give information on a particular subject or to increase an email list … Your site must be built according to these reasons so that it fulfills its task adequately. The latter will not have great values ​​if you receive a multitude of visitors who in the end, do not take the action or the path you want them to take. Your website is the most powerful marketing strategy tool, no printed brochure or magazine advertisement will reach more potential customers than a well-optimized website.

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5. The field of design is changing … Constantly.

Do the terms “Responsive design”, “Parallax” and “Flat design” tell you something? If this is the case, know that the field of design is also constantly evolving and that in some cases, the mere fact of having a website is not necessarily a guarantee of success.

If you are not up to date with the latest web design trends, you may be able to see a drop in traffic on your site. The web is changing and it is important to learn about these new trends to see if they can optimize the goals you set for yourself on the web.

The most important evolution is necessarily that related to the responsive design that is to say the optimization of your site under multiple platforms in order to offer the visitor an optimal consultation experience. Users can now be reached on more than one platform, so you need to be able to offer them a functional website no matter where your source comes from. Whether on a tablet, mobile or directly on a computer, your site must adapt to the support with which the user seeks to join you. You can no longer settle for a standard site and hope that the magic will work as it did a few years ago.

In conclusion, investing in a functional and consistent design will give your business a more professional image and give it the tools to achieve these goals online. If these reasons mentioned above do not seem to be present in your current tools, make sure to make the transition to avoid a drop in traffic and thus lose customers who no longer find the relevance of consulting your site.

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