Nowadays, more and more companies are turning to the digital world. Apart from those that have been evolving for some time now. Especially since in recent years, consumers are more connected thanks to technological advances. Traditional marketing has adapted, hence the evolution of certain practices to comply with current digital marketing. Here are 5 tips for a successful digital marketing campaign provided to you by flights to Stockholm from London, which may be useful if your company has recently digitized.

Combining traditional and digital marketing

Traditional marketing is not lost or obsolete since the digital marketing wind has blown for a few years now. Indeed, by combining them, it is quite possible to take advantage of some of their advantages in your successful digital marketing strategy. This is particularly the case of customizable computer advertising objects which will be engraved on your website. In addition to generating traffic, they can be used on a computer. The example of USB sticks that can also be delivered with programs redirecting his user to your website. Especially since it is currently easy to find on the market cheap USB keys.

Optimize your website for all platforms

It is true that generating traffic on your site is the main goal of successful digital marketing, but it would be futile if users spend only a few seconds. And for good reason, this is mainly due to the incompatibility of your site with the current multiple platforms from which they navigate. In fact, apart from the fixed platforms (PC and Mac), the traffic generated by the users of mobile devices is not any more to neglect nowadays. Thus, it is strongly recommended to optimize your website to adapt to both fixed and mobile terminals.

As you know, one of the best-known phrases in the field of Social Media Marketing is: ” Content is the King “. But for your content to reach your audience, it is important to get a good position in the most used search engines, such as Google or Bing. Hence the importance of implementing SEO strategies (an acronym for Optimization Search Engine, English Search Engine Optimization) to your publications.

In this sense, one of the essential points you must take into account is to include keywords in your content. The Keywords, known as Keywords in English are the search terms that will allow people to find your items. So, to find the most suitable keywords for your content I advise you to use the Google Keyword Planner. There you must enter the search terms you wish to evaluate and click on the ” Get Ideas ” button, after which you will know which are the most sought-after keywords by the public.

Consider mobile users

Thanks to enormous technological advances, especially on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, etc.). As well as connected objects, new perspectives are considered in order to carry out your successful digital marketing. From now on, users of these state-of-the-art devices are among the main targets to consider when developing your successful digital marketing strategy. Especially since in recent years, their number is constantly increasing and even tends to outnumber Internet users on desktop computers. Moreover, according to the results of studies conducted by Stat Counter towards the end of last year, worldwide traffic is conceded to mobile users for 51.3% against 48.7% from PCs.

Enjoy social networks

It is clear that currently, social networks are among the important levers to use in your digital marketing strategy. Given that the place of these tools both communication, as well as dissemination, has taken an important place in everyday life. Thus, it is then advisable to be present on these networks to promote your business. Indeed, they are powerful tools that can generate traffic to your site provided of course to know how to effectively manage your community.

Did you know that there are new features of Facebook that can benefit your successful digital marketing strategies? With the idea of improving and further personalizing the user experience. Small adjustments were added to the Social Network,. They are the following:

Discover Multi-Product Advertising

Now Facebook gives you the opportunity to show, through the same ad, several of your products at the same time. This possibility multiplies the chances of users knowing your merchandise. While dynamiting the notices that you make in the Social Network. Thus, with the Multi-Product Publicities. You can show the public different goods. Each of them accompanied by a title, an image, and an exclusive landing page.

YouTube, the most popular site for audiovisual content that is now part of Google applications. And is an excellent platform to promote your content. Recently new features were added. Which allow you to customize your channel in order to make it more attractive to your audience. One of these new features allows you to add custom thumbnails to your videos. So, you can include stunning or interesting photos to reference the content.

Interact with its consumers

With the help of social networks, you now have the opportunity to make constructive exchanges directly with your target audience. It is also a strategy based on communication that will allow you to adapt your products for example, based on consumer feedback. Moreover, according to their assessments, it is quite possible that they share via social networks. Their feelings about your product or also about your brand. Thus, it will have a significant impact on the notoriety of your company

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