6 lies from SEO agencies

Controlling search engine positioning is an arduous and risky task. While the research, trial and error, and some clues by Matt Cutts. He has guided us along the way, there are a lot of dubious SEO agencies. That cheat those customers who do not have technical knowledge and trust naively.

Do you want to make sure you’re not being scammed? So, do not miss the following points to consider.

Lie # 1: “It is not necessary to have experience in the sector”

The SEO agencies can do magic in sectors known. For this reason, we recommend looking for a company who specializes in helping businesses like yours. Either a web or corporate marketplace.

You can hire an agency that is not interested in the working methods of your company. And what your audience wants to hear, and they can do a good job depending on their orientation and research. But there will be no feeling between them. It is necessary to understand and work side by side so that the result is as expected.

Lie # 2: “We guarantee the first position in Google”

Of course, we all want to be the leaders of the Google ranking. After all, a 2013 study shows that 91.5% of all traffic reaches the first page, 4.8% goes to page number two, and 1.1% goes to the page three.

No SEO agency can promise the first place to all customers. In fact, the most prestigious companies admit that they cannot guarantee these results.

Lie # 3: “We can position your site in a month”

There are agencies that promise to position any website in a month even if the site is only a few months old. The SEO positioning is long-term and requires monitoring and reorientation of strategy in light of developments and changes in Google algorithm.

Google performs micro-updates of its algorithm every 18 hours to improve services for its customers, as we have seen in the past with the Penguin, Panda, and other changes. If you do not want to miss one of its updates, Moz shares the history of the Google algorithm changes to know all the details – how and when – of the modifications.

Lie # 4: “Dissemination is the answer”

This is a difficult issue because for many industries it can be useful. However, for some, for example, a kitchen and bathroom design company that works in one location does not make much sense. The campaign should be oriented according to the scope of the business. It does not deserve to waste the investment and position itself at the national level and that the owner of the business cannot offer his services to all the provinces.

Lie # 5: “SEO is all you need”

If you hear this, it’s because that’s all they’re selling you. SEO is an important part of digital marketing strategy. Good agencies will go beyond the basics of SEO-friendly keywords, meta-descriptions and labels to help develop a 360 strategy, which could include a unique combination of pay-per-click (PPC) ads, communication, network management social, mail marketing, lead nurturing, If you think that having a social presence is enough, you are wrong.

Lie # 6: “You cannot do it by yourself”

Yes, you can, but it may take longer and you cannot get the results that an agency with a proven reputation can provide.

When you consider hiring an SEO consultant or SEO agencies to work on your website, do your homework.

When you hear the second of the lies in this post, it is time to move on to another option. Now, is this an exhaustive list of the lies you could possibly hear? Not quite.

You will have to use your common sense to make a decision. One of the best options you can carry out is to check the visibility of the company on the Internet.

SEO, like any other specialty, is very competitive. If you cannot position your own website, what makes you think that they will be able to classify yours?

I was thinking to hire an SEO agency to optimize my travel agency website “Cheap Flights to Copenhagen Denmark from UK” but I am confused how should I trust an SEO agency. However, I found my competitors DWT who are ranking very well organically and they have hired an SEO agency for their work.

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