6 Ways to Wow Your Customers With Your Web Design In 2018

With every passing year, web design is gaining great importance and will continue to constantly evolve in the coming year. The world of web design revolves around the functionality, navigation and design of the website. Statistic shows that the easier the website is to navigate, the favorable experience the visitors get. It’s a known fact that websites with simple design and layout tend to keep the visitors engaged and will more likely increase the time spent on the website which will increase the conversion rate of the site.

An online business can either succeed or fail with its web design. The well designed the website is the higher chance of attracting new customers and getting back the old ones. Let’s take a thorough view at the list of ways that can engage and impress your customers with your web design in the coming year:

  1. Invest in Mobile- Friendly design

Among the major web design trends, mobile friendly web design stays on top. In the recent times, Google has started giving preference to mobile friendly sites. Since more and more people are connected to the web through their smartphones, therefore, mobile friendly website are effectively improving the website effectiveness and ranking on the SERP’s. A perfect opportunity for web designers to provide an optimal user experience to the user is by making a smooth online appearance on desktop as well as mobile devices.

  1. Make your website clutter free

There’s a lot of clutter on the website that can greatly affect the web experience of the user. In order to avoid making the website non favorable for the user, the designer needs to make sure to get rid of clutter. Too many distractions can confuse the visitors and they might end up getting frustrated. Clearing all the unnecessary data and elements on the page will make the website simple and clean. Moreover, it can provide your visitor a better visiting experience and help your website work smoothly.

  1. Easy Navigation menu

Navigation is a crucial element in web design. You might have a perfect web design which lacks easy to use navigation menu. If a visitors comes to your site and can’t possibly find the navigation menu there’s a high chance of losing the visitor. It’s advisable to place the navigation bar on top corner where it’s most visible. Also, ensure that the menu includes everything a visitor might be looking for such as images, text and search bar, etc. Another idea is to place the menu on the footer so that the visitors can go to the next page easily without scrolling all the way up.

  1. Post latest quality content

Content is the ultimate king in web design which clearly has the higher possibility of gaining visitor’s and keep them engaged. When a visitors visits your site and get a good first impression, there’s a high chance of that visitor returning back to your website to find what’s new. A blog can be a great solution to provide information that serves the visitor well. Regularly posting and updating articles on the website can generate interest among the customer and keep them engaged. Moreover, it will bring more credibility and visibility to the business.

  1. Test your design

Testing your website every now and then is a great task to make sure the audience is satisfied with your web design. Customer feedback is the best way to know what your customers remark to improve your site. Open source tools are a great source to test your graphic design. This graphic design tools and open source tools will give you a clear insight of how your site is working.

  1. Make a sleek logo to add some personality

All the famous brands such as Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola etc. have an eye-catching logo design. Designers need to use their creativity to come up with a sleek logo that can attract the eyes of the viewer and leaves a memorable impression. Take an example from the popular logo company to create one for your site and link it to the homepage. Logo creates a personality of your website. Think about the message and information you need to portray and design it accordingly.


The above-mentioned tips are proven ways to get through designing a sleek web design to impress your viewers. The impressive website has the common characteristics of eye-catching, interactive, fast loading, and innovative content on the website. In a competitive market, designers should continue to engage visitors to the site and increase the likelihood of the site.

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