One common theme that runs through every online retailer’s mind is to attract customers to their store. After setting up a website for months, they come to realize that having a website alone is not enough to gain customers.

Various elements such as site design, digital marketing, shopping experience, sales, traffic and customer service come together to drive the major hit in their online store. But once you carry out these elements, you can attract and keep online customers.

Check out the following tips to learn how to get more customers to your online store.

1. Have an attractive store

The physical outlook of your store has a huge impact on how customers perceive your business. As the first impression counts a lot, you must create an attractive, clean, and professional-looking store.

A good, clean and organized store will attract customers to click further and view products. But an unorganized store will drive them away from your store.

2. Collect good reviews and ratings for your products

Visitors look for both brand reputation and product reviews to make a purchase. For instance, a customer might prefer a certain product, but if they find a different product with positive reviews, they are likely to buy the one with more reviews.

If that’s the case, you want to encourage your happy customers to write a review or give ratings for your products. This simple step will help you boost major sales.

3. Stay active online

You might have heard this many times, but social media is an integral part of marketing.

The main purpose of using social media is to promote your products by considering how much effort you want to commit. 

It’s vital to use social media platforms that suit the image your brand wants to portray. You can also interact with your audience or field experts on a going basis.

Here are some ways to stay active on social media.

  • Post, repost and share useful content with your social media audience.
  • Follow people and posts in your interest areas.
  • Leave thoughtful comments on blog posts you love.
  • Join groups. Ask and answer questions in your expertise.

Make these efforts, and soon your business community will know and regard you. 

4. Implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools 

Can your customers find your store online?

When customers search for a product online, you want your store to appear in the top results for that search because ⅓ of visitors click on the first organic result of Google. 

By using good SEO practices, you can optimize your site to generate sustained, qualified traffic for your online store. 

You can also set up non-organic strategies to get more customers and higher sales conversions. It involves putting your e-commerce shop’s ads in Google search results. 

5. Attract Customers with Content Marketing

Welcome to the world of content marketing! From blogs to guides, and from videos to podcasts, there are tons of options for you to explore. 

In your content strategy, you can include anything that your customers might find relevant or interesting. Create interesting, informative and engaging content to attract customers to your online store. 

Don’t limit yourself to posts or guides that focus only on your products. Instead, consider any resources related to your business that your customers would find helpful.

6. Use social networks

Most people use social networks these days. If you want to do business, you must go to places where your customers hang out the most. Consider these two factors before choosing a social networking platform.

  • Nature of your business.
  • Target Audience.

You first need to set the guidelines for your business and then get to know your audience from every social media. Once you check profiles on social networks for your store, be present and take part in the discussions. You can always update your social media with interesting content to keep loyal customers coming back to your store.

Other ways to increase the credibility of your online store is to add high-quality photos of your products, give advice, and collect testimonials from your customers.

7. Review your target customer

The idea is to know your target customers so you can best align your products/services to fit their needs. The more you identify similarities, the more areas you will have opportunities later.

Having a clear picture of your target audience will make your marketing easier and more effective. 

Ask questions about your customers like:

  • What social networks are they active on?
  • Do they love reading or watching videos?

Once you have found which social networks to use, you know where to be present to get in touch with customers.

8. Identify potential partnership with complementary business

Connect with local businesses that offer products or services similar to your business. The partnership can serve both parties in terms of brand reach and customer acquisition.

For instance, if you own a yoga studio, you can partner with companies that sell organic products.

9. Incentivize customers

Keep happy customers coming back and making referrals to their friends. If you have a bunch of happy customers, give them special deals or ‘members-only’ benefits. Appreciate them, post their pics or even give them a shoutout on social media. 

If you want to attract new customers, offer them a free service before they even make a purchase. It raises their positive feelings and builds trust with you. 

You can also offer your visitors special discounts on the products they are interested in. Notice how often visitors are not interested in buying a particular product but will purchase it once they see the discount offered in it. 

10. Hold Events 

Whether your store is physical or online, creating live events is a great idea to interact with your target audience. This can be done by doing partnerships with related brands or hosting an open event for the public. 

It is interesting to watch how events help people to know you better. Even a one-day event can build a positive relationship with your audience. If you can’t create your events, join other networking events that happen in your area. That way, you not only meet potential clients but also find business partners or investors.


We hope the above tips help you attract more customers to your online business. Do not worry if you find the process overwhelming. It is easy to get-go once you take that first step. Have more questions on how to increase website traffic for your online store? Share them in the comments below!

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