In sales terms, closing refers to when a customer decides to make a purchase. The salesperson has done a good job in the early stages of the sales process if it becomes easy to close the deal.

HubSpot survey finds 71% of sales professionals’ top priority is to close more deals, crush their sales goals, and boost their profits. But few realize how to set the basics to create more opportunities.  

Closing becomes especially tough when a prospect is not ready to buy the product or service. This does not mean you should stop asking. You may need to try a little further to help prospects see the value in your product or service.

This post will help you do that. Here are a few strategies that help you close sales successfully.

11 Sales Techniques to Close More Deals in 2019

There are different sales techniques to soften the resistance of prospects to purchase. Applying these closing techniques, you will get more customers easily. However, you need to practice and refine these tips to get the most out of them.

1. Face Your Fears

Most salespeople get nervous when selling to large companies, and they let the fear hold them back. Know that those large corporations are easier to sell than you think.

They have the same problems as the smaller deals you are currently selling to – on a bigger scale. The good thing is they have the budget to invest in your solution. The only way to prosper is by facing your fears and knowing big companies aren’t as hard as you think.

2. Build a Relationship

Every sale you make is based on relationships. The relationship has to be a win-win situation where everybody contributes to making the deal successful than one party trying to sell the product. 

People want to feel valued, and if you only care about the deal itself, you will lose it. Extra effort into building a relationship with your clients always pays off. Building a valuable relationship does take time, but pushing a deal without building a relationship consumes more time and often fails. 

3. Research Your Customers

The more you know your customers, the better you will serve them. Your product or service might be the best, that’s why you are in the business. But you want to know the right people who can benefit from your service. You want to identify every detail about your customer that will add value to your goal from the smallest to the deepest observations about them. 

General questions include location, age, and demographics to deeper questions like their pains, frustrations, needs, and interests. Gathering as much knowledge as possible before your meeting will not only give you confidence but will convince your customers too.

4. Be Ready for Tough Questions

We all ask certain questions when shopping for new products or services. The same goes for your prospects.

  • What questions and objections will they have?
  • What questions will buyers have about you, your company, and the services?
  • What objections might they come to when considering your company?

Preparing well to address their questions and objections will enable you to communicate confidently and effectively.

5. Find Good-Fit Clients

Spend your time wisely by finding clients that are a good fit for your business. The more relevant your prospect is, the more natural the sales process will be. Good-fit clients align with your business values, fall under your industry, or ties to your future goals.

6. Make Them Feel Comfortable

Prospects are more likely to buy your product sooner if they feel good about it. Build confidence and rapport throughout your relationship with the prospect to ease a faster close. 

Confidence is always positive. To gain confidence, you can dress well, smile, stand tall, be polite, and show your best manners when closing. If you do these things, confidence will radiate from you. Don’t get frustrated when things don’t go as well as expected. Stay calm and handle the problem one at a time. Show that confidence in yourself, and the customer will come to your side.

7. Make it Their Decision

People like to have control of what is happening, the choices they make about what they do, which product to use, and which deal they take. Make a smooth pitch that the client won’t even realize you have decided for them.

8. Show Value 

Help prospects see not only the ROI they will receive but the costs associated with the absence of their product or service.

9. Listen First

Stop making assumptions and ask questions to uncover what and why prospects buy. You will either win or lose on useful discovery. You want first to uncover compelling business pains and how that problem impacts your prospect’s business. Then, decide who has that problem and how your solution can resolve the issue.

Be curious about the sales process. Find where urgency and need for a solution are required. Discovery in the sales process allows you to build trust and sell more, faster. The best way to close the sales cycle is to find where the problem has to be fixed. Only a few prospects care about your solution unless it solves their problem.

10. Be Human

People like to do business with other people. Connect with them. Show them the human aspects. It is not only about you selling a product, but your prospects are also the ones to benefit. 

11. Build on Emotion

To keep control of a customer from the start of a sales pitch until it is closed, you can depend on emotion. If you use this correctly and build on it, you will always have a captive audience in the customer. Emotion will produce action in a customer every time. 

The closer can relate to a customer’s problems and develop a rapport with the customer by using emotion. Customers love to think they know the real salesperson, and storytelling often works.


There may not be a secret to transforming your sales process, but you can always improve your closing skills to make more profit for your company. While we have shared some sales tips, you may wish to adjust them depending on the specific prospect. These tips will come handy in your next deal with a customer or with other businesses.

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