At DesignPac, we help businesses turn the designs they imagine into a reality. Alternatively, our team of passionate designers can also submit multiple intriguing graphic designs so you can find the best material that resonates with your branding. SaaS review directory FinancesOnline found great value for money in our $300 monthly DesignPac pricing and exceptional services. In a nutshell, this has paved the way for us to receive their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

Placing a spot in FinancesOnline’s top 20 graphic design software solutions, DesignPac was commended for its lightning fast turnover time for any design you may need, from company logo and social media graphics to web UI and packaging designs. “It is an ideal service if you are a professional who needs graphics and designs on a regular basis, a freelancer designer swamped with work, or a marketing agency that requires more design options,” wrote FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline was also impressed by how effortlessly it is to have a design made, which means our clients have more time on their hands to focus on other crucial projects and grow their business. “Once DesignPac gets your design request and its specifications, your dedicated designer immediately roars to work and provide you with an initial design within 24-48 hours,” stated FinancesOnline. Best of all, you can ask for major or minor revisions for an unlimited amount of times. You also get full ownership of your chosen designs given to you in multiple formats such as JPG, AI, PDF, PNG, and even PSD.

These are the reasons why we received the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards from FinancesOnline. The former is given to products and services that provide an exceptionally pleasing solution to one’s tasks, while the latter is given to those with positive traction from users.

So, if you have yet to try DesignPac, what are you waiting for? Let us work together and make your business legendary.


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