To grow a Startup needs much more to be done than the initial starting phase. After finally giving a form to your brilliant startup idea, it is necessary to equip it with all the necessary elements it needs to survive and grow in this dense, wide world. What your startup needs are customers and that too, the loyal ones. Customers are single-brained people with multiple interests, talents, and personalities, just like you and me. So, it is true that most of them aren’t spared from the digital revolution. In fact, statistics suggest that about one-third of the world population is using some form of social media. This only suggests one thing, it is likely that startups find their revered customers in any of the digital platforms. Implying digital marketing tips wisely will help your startup survive and grow. It is just the matter of how well you do your digital marketing so that your startup stands out from the crowd.

This article talks about some tips that will help you ace digital marketing.

Know your customers!

‘WooHoo! I’m in a relationship’. Keep humming that to yourself and trust me you will see your startup grow massively. Try to know your customers like how you would want to know the one you are in a relationship with. Know what grabs their interest.

Many Startups fail to determine their target group and end up employing a massive amount of resources in their digital marketing campaigns. But, a significant part of it is wasted on groups that do not necessarily relate to the product or the services those startups are offering. It is better to make a sustainable yet the optimum use of the limited resources that startups tend to have. Hence, it is utmost that startups first determine their target group, carry out extensive research on their customers’ interest and plan digital marketing campaigns on that basis. This will save you tons of money and effort while reaching out to the possible customers in style.

Mind your content and SEO

It isn’t for nothing that the need for quality content is stressed so much. You wouldn’t want to turn off a possible customer with some filthy content on your website. Invest both time and effort in your content, devise good SEO techniques and the good deed will certainly reap benefits.

Put yourself in a possible customer’s shoe and ask yourself if you would surf to even the 5th page of the Google results, absolutely not! So, work to get your website to the front page and work more to get it to the top. Only good SEO and a killer content will help you climb up the ‘Google-ladder’ and gain the much-needed exposure.

Content-wise, 2018 demands you to be a bit more creative. Know that ‘less is more’. Apply the 80/20 rule and brag about your product/services only in the lesser 20%, for the rest, let that creative you shine and create content that your possible customers would die to read. Also, video content is what 2018 is all about. So, post more video contents- intro to your product/services, tips/hacks, behind-the-scenes and many more. Startups, at this age, should work towards making themselves more ‘humanly’ and even ‘approachable’ with the help of their posts.

Focusing on the quality of your content and the SEO will give you better exposure, ultimately increasing your credibility.

User Interface

Construction Products UI Concept

Using intuitive UI has always been and will always be a pro-tip for acing the digital marketing game. A better User Interface means better user experience and that is what matters the most.

With smartphones getting smarter than ever, startups should also attend to test if their website looks good on mobile screens too. Manage the annoying ads that pop up every other second and rather wittingly incorporate it into your content. Use chatbots because messaging is all in the rage now and employ every other method that would help people connect to you in easier ways. Easy-to-use user interface with creative hints is more likely to keep possible customers or even cold prospects hanging to your website.

Always remember, people should first be brought in contact with your startup and only then be converted to customers.

Geofencing is the new smart!

Geofencing is the newest sustainable digital marketing method and it is surely going to go a long way. So, how does it work?

Geofencing basically allows us to set a particular geographical periphery-it can be certain kilometers surrounding your location and when a person in the target group enters the periphery, a software automatically sends push notifications.

Geofencing could be a game-changer in digital marketing for its preciseness. It employs probability in the coolest level imaginable because it informs people of your product/services and even lures them when they are comparatively accessible to them. This technology has been reported of increasing customers in unexpected ways because it is just so hard to refrain from checking out this impeccable offer in the store around the corner, isn’t it?

Reach out to an Unlimited Graphic Design Service

That’s that! The solution to all of your problems. Reach out to an unlimited graphic design agency and let them handle all the afore-mentioned chores for you. Interestingly, some unlimited graphic design services such as DesignPac let you subscribe to their services at a minimum fee and do literally everything for you, from handling your social media to managing your UI. They professionally handle your digital marketing campaigns for you and lessen at least one stress for you.

All in all, startups can benefit from digital marketing if they put consistent effort to stand out from the crowd and approach their possible customers in the proper way. Startups should always be experimenting with newer and more creative marketing campaigns but refrain from being too pushy. Devise proper Digital Marketing strategies and have patience and you will surely give your startup a boost.

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