Many successful companies understand the importance of customer service. Visitors and customers most often have their first contact with an organization through customer support. 

How you treat your customers makes a huge impact on the growth of your business. The customers are most likely to remember the quality of the support they receive, no matter how good your product is. 

A quality service will delight your customers, having them come back to you next time or refer you to their friends and family. Retaining an existing, happy and loyal customer is much more fruitful and cost-efficient than in gaining a new customer.

In today’s article, we highlight the importance of customer service for your business, identify some bad examples and give you customer service tips.

Importance of Customer Service

As a company, you spend so much money advertising to get people to buy your service, but find it hard to follow through on your promises. Good customer service should be at the heart of your business model despite the size of your business. Always deliver support to all customers, including new, existing and potential ones. Let’s dive into some benefits of customer service for your business.

 1. Indicator to customer repurchase and loyalty

You can indicate the likelihood of a customer to purchase your product or service by the satisfaction they feel. You can ask your customers to rate the service satisfaction on a scale of 10. It’s a nice way to see whether they will be repeat customers. Consider customers who rate you seven or above as satisfied. You can expect them to return and use your products and services again. Customers rating nine or ten are like advocates who will expand your business to a new level. That’s the service you want to strive for.

2. Retains customers

The best way for a company to earn more customers is to keep the good, existing loyal ones. Research shows it costs about six to seven times more to attract new customers than to keep existing ones. Satisfied customers turn to loyal customers when business delivers what they promised to do. This satisfaction leads to 60 to 70 percent of customers coming back to make new purchases.

3. Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising.

The best form of marketing is through word of mouth—the kind of monumental effect that can happen in your business. People will listen to the advice of their friends than to heed guidance from online reviews or advertisements. Great customer service will create a bunch of customers ready to cheer you up.

Examples of Bad Customer Service

bad customer service

Listed below are some bad examples of customer service:

1. Putting customers on hold for too long

This is not the worst situation but falls under the common example of bad customer service. No one prefers being on hold for long periods. Overuse of hold time can mean gaps in training and knowledge of employees. But, if you need information, you can put customers on hold by doing it professionally. 

2. Rude behavior and attitude

Rude behavior can impact both the employee, the customer and the whole performance of the company. The behavior portrayed by your team can create a poor image of your company. Everyone should create a cycle of positive feelings and behavior. The company should encourage courtesy and positive interactions with their customers.

3. Taking no responsibility

It’s common to make mistakes by companies sometimes. But not acceptable if they do not take responsibility for their doings. To make things better, always discuss the issue as soon as possible and serve customers’ concerns. Always take ownership of your mistakes.

Top Six Customer Service Tips for Your Company

customer service tips

The following are some best customer service tips you can apply in your company’s support team:

1. Train the customer service team 

Be sure your support team has processes in place to stay effective in meeting all customer needs. As always, keep your support team happy and productive as they are the ones to connect with customers.

2. Be considerate of timeframes 

You should answer the queries and concerns of customers within a defined timeframe. The response time depends on the priorities, urgency, and duration the customers have been waiting for. 

3. Ask Customers if They Understand 

Make sure your customers understand what you mean. You don’t want your customers to misinterpret or get confused about the terms you use. Keep your message clear throughout the conversation and ask if they understand what you’re saying. Use positive language and stay cheerful throughout the conversation. At the end of every conversation confirm if the customers understand and are satisfied. 

4. It’s okay to admit that you don’t know

Your customers expect you to know about the product. Your job is to make yourself informed enough to respond to questions or know where to look if the questions become technical to answer. If you do not have the answer to certain questions, it’s okay to admit that you don’t know as long as you follow them up by finding the information. Customers will appreciate your honesty and efforts in finding the right answer. 

Show empathy 

Empathy makes your customer support team stand out. We are human with emotions. What everyone is looking for is a connection and someone to understand their emotional needs or issues they are going through. That’s why they come to your product to solve their problems or help them achieve their goals. 

In a real-time environment, showing empathy needs to be the main approach. 

A certain phrase to make a customer feel more at ease: 

  • “I appreciate your patience.” 
  • “If I were in your position, I would feel the same.” 
  • I understand how upsetting this must be.” 

Listen to Your Customers 

An important skill to have in a customer service team is to listen to your customers. 

You cannot help your customers if you dismiss them. Pay attention to their body language and link what you hear and know about the business from the customer’s viewpoint. This will enable you to pull together your knowledge and make sure you give what the customer needs. You then need to give them a good solution, too! 


If you are serious about growing your business then your focus should be on your customers. Your customers will be valuable assets to your business if you treat them right. Engaging customers and helping them will give them a reason to tell others why they love your company. Use the above customer service tips, and you will be on your way to delivering world-class service. 

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