Why would a particular customer choose your product or service over the millions of others looming in the market? Are there any proven ways to increase customer base? How to grow business or grow customers? The questions that have made business owners scratch their heads since time unknown, the answer to which has the capability to make or break a business.

Customers would be the elixir if the business were a form of alchemy. Fortunately, customers are human beings already subjected to hundreds of research works done to predict their actions and reactions in all kinds of situations. So, it is now time to channel all the hard work to get the optimum results for your business.  You definitely read that right! There are proven methodologies to bring customers swarming to your business and have the most loyal customers in the entire market.

Let us delve into what is ought to be done to increase customers to grow your business.

Embrace it all: your field’s technicalities and intricacies

It is utmost to know the game well to become a player, let alone a good one. It is a great idea to know your field from all the possible aspects. ‘Your market includes your customers, your suppliers, and your competitors.’ says James Caan the Chairman of Start-Up Loans Company. According to him, these factors determine the success of a business. Business owners should know well whom to target as the customers and have a great deal of knowledge about what interests them or why the competitors’ products/services are popular among them. Interactions with customers, field experts, and others involved in the field can help in getting a better picture of that particular field.

Knowing the field lets businesses recognize their customers, their interests and address the demands and stay in the competition.

Retention vs acquisition costs

Put on that expert’s cloak

Customers tend to value expertise to a great extent. Recognition as an expert is key to gaining credibility for your business and winning over customers’ trust. This leads to wider and better business relations and an increment in the number of customers, for an expert’s products/services reflect their expertise.

Research, observation, and experience when shared with excellent marketing strategies have made out the best experts. Speak your mind out, let your perfectly written blogs be shared in your well-designed website and other related ones. Do not hesitate with referrals, making referrals will induce referrals that will benefit your business grow. Publicize noteworthy accolades and company events and leave no chance of speech presentations or other opportunities that let you, show-off your hard-gained expertise.

Go out onto the field

Customers do not always come to your digital gateways. At this era, when digitization has taken over the entire multiverse, the time has come to revive those real-time contacts. Customers rather trust those products which they have seen being marketed in a stall at the latest expo they attended. There are all kinds of untimely and unwanted ads turning up all over the internet. So, why should a customer even care to trust their genuineness? Many customers would better turn to those products/services they have observed on their own.

Miss no chance of showcasing your products/services in related expos and fairs for this help to build customer relations.

Market yourself to grow business

Customers should be made known about your products/services. Developing and advertising your value proposition will give customers more reasons to prefer your products/services.

There are several mediums for marketing- paper, online and social media. The form of medium you will have to use depends on your target audience/customers. If your target customers fall among the elders then paper media or TV advertisements are your best bet. Social media is a great platform to attract youths while online media can be used for almost all types of customers. It is better to get creative with your social media marketing. Induce polls and interesting interactions, do more of those giveaways and let your customers know what a brilliant idea it is to choose your products/services.

Treasure those referrals

Referrals boost your credibility to the highest level. Request your satisfied customers or other business relations to make referrals. And the most important point, do not make them do it for free, reward them for bringing new customers to your doorsteps. Encouraging referrals will give way to more referrals which means to more customers.

Reward customer loyalties to grow customers

There are hundreds of businesses providing somewhat similar products/services to yours. So, why should a customer keep on coming back to your business? With increasing competition, it is hard to get customers and harder to keep them to yourself.

Your old customers might be your door to additional ones. Therefore, it is necessary to make an effort to reward customer loyalty. Ask for suggestions and value them, give discounts, treat them with special offers. Do anything and everything to make them feel special! Its a real deal to increase customers.

Why do customers leave a company?

Subscription models increase customers

This may not apply to every form of business but to those where subscriptions are possible, it is a great way for keeping those customers to yourselves and bringing in new ones. If you give them two options: paying $100 in bulk for an annual subscription or a mere amount of $8 a month then customers are more likely to opt for the latter. Offer trials of a certain shorter period and keep your customers subscribed to your amazing products/services. You can also request your customers to spread a good word about you via LinkedIn recommendations or any way that fits them.

Subscription is a proven way to get and keep customers!

Debut new products and/or services

Try to avoid being monotonous. Always be there on the edge of your seat observing every other movement in the market. You can always debut new and exciting products/services-giving your old customers an enticing reason to stay loyal to you and attracting new ones too to increase customers. There can be a boundless expansion of your target area with a little action of thought. So, be ever-evolving and try your best to give them something new.

An increment in business comes with hard-word and persistence and a set of astounding strategies. As mentioned earlier, humans have proven to show a predictable behavior so don’t hold back and try out the aforementioned strategies and witness your business expand exponentially.

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