Rumors say Emails are stone dead by now. But is that true? Are emails as good as nothing in our list of marketing strategies for 2019?

The answer is: Absolutely Not!

Emails were made to stay and they are here and rocking it in style. We have reached 2019 already, 47 years since email was invented and to this day, they have constantly proven themselves to be the most adaptable marketing strategies of all times. From that day to this, at a time when we are surrounded by tens of social media platforms, email marketing stands strong as the most effective marketing strategy. With over 3.7 billion users around the globe in 2017, email is one thing you just cannot afford to ignore in 2019. With over 1 billion active Gmail users and most of the remaining using the Apple mail, email users consist of a significant amount of possible customers for your business. But these users will not turn into customers in the blink of an eye! When using an ever-evolving marketing tool such as email, companies need to put some effort themselves.
With over 53% of consumers saying that they receive irrelevant emails from companies and over 17% of emails being dumped into the spam box, it is vital that businesses actually start taking some serious steps.

Here we have listed what might have gone wrong.

That express permission that you took for granted, is important!

Have an email list and thinking to put it into some use by sending emails? STOP right away! Take a minute to reflect if the users have themselves provided you with their email ids with a consent to send emails to them. User’s permission is vital because irrelevant emails encourage users to hit that report button and an extent of reports promote the system to mark your emails as spam.

You are overdoing it!

In order to stay looming in their subscriber’s mind, companies often send emails once a day or in some cases, multiple times a day. While this might sound like the best marketing policy, marketers should realize that it is quite annoying to have your inbox filled with tons of emails from a single company. This could force your subscribers to hit that unsubscribe button.
So, the best option is not to overdo it. Send emails once in a while so that your subscribers realize of your existence, functioning and credibility. Do not irritate your subscribers, rather supply them with useful information about your company and other relevant matters.

Misleading subject lines are a big NO!

33% percent of people decide whether to open emails based solely on the subject line. Sometimes, it is tempting to use those quirky subject lines in our emails but it is illegal in some countries to send emails with misleading subject lines. Mail systems flag such emails triggering a process that classifies your emails as spam. So, however enticing they may sound, the use of misleading subject lines is just not worth the risk.

It’s time to work on that content.

content writing

Content is the one thing that can make you or break you at an instant. Sending emails with better content keeps the readers engaged and helps to bring in customers. 2019 is all about innovations, so adding video clips or interesting graphics in well-crafted emails can do wonders for your company. Another thing to be sure of is to refrain from making use of certain words in the email subject and body that trigger the spam filters.

Your subscribers are free to unsubscribe.

It is very important to include that unsubscribe button in your emails. Companies should always work towards making the unsubscribing process hassle-free because you can’t really force a user to stay. Hassles faced in the process will encourage the user to report the sender.
It is rather suggested that better offers are made or the users are requested for the reason that they unsubscribed. But remember, this is to be done only after they have unsubscribed.

A good knowledge about the problems helps to find better solutions. And with an ROI of 122%, email marketing is the one thing that companies should ace in. If the aforementioned problems are to be worked on, then email marketing is full of advantages. Some of its features are listed below.

  • Emails can be hyper-personalized. Specific emails can be sent to specific ‘possible customers’. This makes email marketing one of the most intricate and intimate customer-to-company bridges.
  • Email marketing covers a wider range than all the other social media combined. With social media, companies do not possess the liberty to know if a specific person can see their posts, but with emails, it is much more precise.
  • Email marketing is cheaper than other online marketing strategies. Money used in sponsored ads have much lesser ROI than that used for email marketing.
  • Unlike the widespread fabricated rumors, emails are used by a huge number of people. In fact, Radicati group’s statistic report suggests that the number of email users could reach a whopping 3 billion in 2018 and with almost 75% of the professionals using emails, email marketing is far from dead and the number is only increasing.

Email marketing is the most relevant marketing strategy and the best one for 2019. Its features are really alluring and few problems that companies currently have with email marketing can be solved with some wise planning. All in all, email marketing is undoubted, one of the most effective marketing strategies in 2019.

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