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Pay the same fixed price every month

80 hrs a month | Available US hours | 4-5 yrs experience

Frontend Developers

Frontend Developer

Monthly: $850 | Hourly: $20

Angular JS Developer

Monthly: $1150 | Hourly: $25

Vue JS Developer

Monthly: $1250 | Hourly: $25

React JS Developer

Monthly: $1250 | Hourly: $25

Native Mobile App Developers

iOS Developer

Monthly: $1150 | Hourly: $27

Android Developer

Monthly: $1050 | Hourly: $25

Backend Developers

PHP Developer

Monthly: $1050 | Hourly: $23

Python Developer

Monthly: $1150 | Hourly: $25

Dot Net Developer

Monthly: $1250 | Hourly: $25

Node JS Developer

Monthly: $1350 | Hourly: $28

RoR Developer

Monthly: $1150 | Hourly: $25

CMS Developers

WordPress Developer

Monthly: $1050 | Hourly: $20

Magento Developer

Monthly: $1150 | Hourly: $23

Fullstack Developers

LAMP Stack Developer

Monthly: $1350 | Hourly: $30

MEAN Stack Developer

Monthly: $1850 | Hourly: $35

Hybrid Mobile App Developers

Ionic Developer

Monthly: $1050 | Hourly: $25

React Native Developer

Monthly: $1350 | Hourly: $30

Flutter Developer

Monthly: $1150 | Hourly: $28


Companies save more than $100k annually

Increase Profit

When the cost on staffs and resources is reduced, your business automatically generates more profit.

Save Time

Skip hectic hiring process & save time by simply hiring a virtual web experts for your business or company.

Better Control

You can keep when you need or cancel the subscription if you don’t need them without any legal hassles.

Higher Retention Rates

The virtual employee model creates a low-stress, high productivity work environment.

7 days money back guarantee

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Some questions you might have

Can i change any experts in case of dissatisfaction?

If for any reason you and your web experts are not a good match, simply contact your dedicated manager by email to request a better fit.

Do you work on the weekends?

DesignPac is open during regular business hours Monday-Friday. Projects may be extradited for an additional rate.

How does DesignPac match clients with experts?

We assess your requirement/ or project needs along with the flavor and personality of your project to match you with your perfect fit expert.

How can I communicate with my expert?

Communicating with your expert is easy! Add experts in your Slack channel and chat easily.

What happens if my expert becomes sick or resigns?

If your expert is unable to work for any reason, a temporary suitable replacement will continue your project as scheduled.

Do i get anyone to supervise the expert?

All projects are overseen by a dedicated project manager (Admin). Once your work order begins, your project manager will oversee the entire process, making sure every detail is to your satisfaction.

Are there any hidden fees related to renting dedicated experts?

What you see is truly what you get! Monthly based service subscriptions for one low monthly fee. No hidden charges, hassle free.

How long will the on-boarding process take?

Most on-boarding can be achieved within the first 24 hours of submission. Meaning, you will get your expert within 24 hrs.

What timezone do my experts work?

Most of our experts are available during US business hours. We have team members located globally who are available to answer your questions almost any time of the day or night regardless of your time zone.

How many experts can I rent for my project?

There is no restriction on the number of experts you may rent. We can give you special discount for renting multiple experts.

How can I contact your support?

You can contact our support team directly by emailing at

It's easy to get started

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Select the expertise you need and sign up to rent an expert.

Assign task

Create tasks & manage your projects easily from our dashboard.

Work together

Use our dashboard or your own tool, its easy to collaborate with experts.

There are reasons they love us

  • Save thousands of dollars yearly.
  • Refund if not satisfied
  • Better than freelancers & marketplace
  • Vetted and work-ready web experts 

7 days money back guarantee

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