Startup: Top 5 Online Courses to do before you start one

Why are we talking about taking courses when you are all set to launch your business, your startup?

I know.

You have decided to start your own game.

Your time management, productivity, and performance are at the peak of your career.

And now you no longer wish to play under your captain, your BOSS while he enjoys all the profits of captaincy.

But you still have some doubts about your capability. Don’t you?

Because what knowledge and expertise you have that is limited to or two particular fields.

And you know very well the game you are planning to become more rich, independent and successful in your life will require skills in following departments of your business.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Finance

You may ask that your experience can help you with some of above competencies and you can always hire people who will work for you.

But can you rely on people completely where your life and your investment are at stake?

That is why,

I am sharing the list of best available courses online so you can earn the aptness in all of above parts of your business and give a fine start to your dream Startup.

Become an expert in Sales

Do you know how to make a strong relationship with your PROSPECTS?

What are the ways to collaborate with them?

When it comes to sales you must prepare yourself for these following actions:

  1. To understand the need for your prospects or customers.
  2. To provide a solution for their problems.
  3. To aware them of new ideas and possibilities.
  4. To inspire your sales team.

Check out this online course provided by the latest sensation Udemy in the world of Education and Training.

Sales Machine: The Sales Training B2B Master Course

You will learn here:

  • How to prepare yourself for a business meeting.
  • How to resolve the obstacle of your prospects.
  • What is the best way to pitch your product or services

And many other things.

Do your Startup Marketing in a right way

Your market research would have already given you the idea how much competition you will face to stay in the market.

Why building a brand is one of the most important priorities of your business?

Because the more you are visible to your potential customers or consumers the more you will be able to generate leads for your business.

Here is the course which will not only help you understand the fundamentals of the marketing and but also teach you the techniques to make your business a brand.

Fundamentals Of Branding & Marketing For Small Businesses

This course includes:

  1. How to find your target audience
  2. How to make your brand strategy
  3. How To understand the consumer behavior

This will support you to fulfill the desires of your audience and deliver them a service with high values.

So your business will get loyal customers who stick with you for a longer time.

Pro tip: If you think that digital marketing is the weapon you need for your business then visit here.


What is your plan for the Product Development and Management

Product development is a crucial part of your business.

Before you approve the production of your product or you start giving your services, you must evaluate your market.

If you have not planned anything yet, in that case, let’s explore some activities you have to do while working on your product development:

This course will work for you to do the product management in an efficient way.

Operations Management: Supply Chains, Products and Services

After completing this course you will not only be able to manage the whole new product development process but also will gain knowledge of a complete product life-cycle and finish a big creative project.

Manage your Finance




You can manage most of your headaches you get in your business but one.

Yes, financing your business and managing your accounting is a big task.

And you know it. Right?

You have to keep a balance between the risk you are taking and the reward you might get.

Provided that everything goes the way you want it.

It does not matter you have some knowledge of Finance or you are a newbie you must use your financing with caution.

Let me introduce you to one of the best courses available online on finance.

Financing Options for Small Business

It will teach you:

  • How to figure out your financial needs
  • The difference between debt and equity financing
  • About Venture Capital and Angel Investors
  • How to do crowdfunding.


Recruitment and Training

Selecting the right people is something which defines your success and how long you can sustain it.

In your career, you might have given many interviews for the jobs.

And you will be agreed with me on these responsibilities as a recruiter you will have:

  1. Finding such candidates who are not only passionate, hardworking and honest but also who fit into the culture of your company.
  2. Inviting the right candidates for interview and interviewing them.
  3. Negotiating the salary and contracts with selected candidates
  4. Training the new candidates and preparing them professionally for their new environment.
  5. Preparing an exit strategy for an employee.

Always remember that

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

                                                      ― Michael Jordan


Here is the course which will help you build a great team who have similar interests and share the same vision for the growth of your company.



In the end of this article let’s talk about what can cause you a failure with your startup?

Here are the things you need to take care if you want to succeed with your startup:

  • Having no business Model for your company
  • Producing a low-quality Product
  • Not solving the issues with customers
  • Conflicts within your team.

I hope this article helps you launch your business successfully.

If you have any doubt or suggestion please share it in the comment section.



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