What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design? Dictionary says,” the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” Yes, it’s true but this meaning doesn’t give the full answer to question What is graphic design? Confused, please attend the article and you’ll also agree on what we said. The post also gives you access to types of graphic art. Our motto of this post is to provide you insight regarding the term “define graphic design” and leverage you to every kind of graphic design profession so that you can pursue expertise in any of the fields of the creative art design and develop your career in it if you wanted to see yourself as successful graphic designer.

Talking about what is graphic design? It’s the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books to solve problems and make people understand what is written on text clearly.

Graphic art is considered as the solution to problems as it solves many crucial business related problems such as:

With this, I hope it’s clear to my audience that graphic design is the solution to most problems which would arise if there won’t be any graphics and creative worker. So all thanks to creative worker who work for us, use their creative mind and solve most problems.

Milton Glaser says, “There are three responses to a piece of graphic design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Wow is the responses which every graphic designer should be focused on getting. For getting this response you have to be innovative and creative which are must have characteristic of any designer same things applies for graphic designer too because if you wanted to get successes in the field of creative art design, you need to make people accept your purpose of creating aesthetic by getting wow response.

Now moving to next section of the post which talks about types of graphic design which could offer great career options to you if you are seriously wanted to be successful graphic designer we would be moving to graphic design tools without which you can only think of creative design but couldn’t convert it digitally or let’s say in reality. Here you can check essential software for designers which is used by every creative graphic designer to convert their creative thoughts into reality.

1. Brand Identity design

Brand Identity replicates, the identity of any business, products and services which can be new or existing in the market. The brand also represents the Goodwill of any business house. Thus Graphic designers who are interested in the Brand Identity design must envision the purpose of business, customer perception towards the business and its goodwill and then create a symbol which replicates all of the things at once. The logo created by creative worker should also provide identity to business so that anyone who sees the logo could easily identify who it is? It’s the most important part of any graphic design, as it helps to complete design work.

Imagine a brochure without the logo, business card without logo and every creative work without the logo. Just Imagine. It shows the importance of the brand identity design for any kind of business and career opportunities if you are looking any career in brand identity design.

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2. The Web and the Mobile App Design

These days every business house has the website and the mobile app. Pursuing the career in the Website and the Mobile app Design would never let you jobless if you can really work creatively. In these jobs, the responsibilities of the designers are to design pages of the website, their layouts, graphics for the blog post, and the mobile app. You have to work closely with the developer making sure of the functionality of your designs. You have to know about design trends so that you can apply them in the designs you create user responsive design. , Creating User responsive design is the main challenge of the web and the mobile app design. For creating user responsive design you have to understand your targeted audience and should plan navigation, the structure of the website properly staying with the website or mobile app developer. If you really want to develop your career in The Web and Mobile app Design, having some knowledge of coding would be beneficial.

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3. Print Design

Print Design is a form of visual communication in which you communicate with the audience through intentional aesthetic design printed in a paper. It could in any form like business flyers, advertisement in the paper, brochures, hoarding board, pamphlets etc. Print Designers would be promoting any event, or occasions usually. In this, designers strive for the selection of proper typography, and graphics which would deliver the message to the audience for which they have been hired. If you want to develop your career as a Print Designer, having knowledge of printing processes and production would help.

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4. Packaging Design

Packaging Design is crucial in the competitive business world. Delivering only the quality product for any business would never bring success to them. These days’ people want quality along with beauty. This gives the need of appealing package design thus, packaging designer but if you think the only the appealing packaging is enough then you are mistaken, your packaging design along with being appealing should also be usable, safe and practical so that it could stand out among competitors and consumers would happily take it. For knowing this you have to understand consumers likes and dislikes beforehand along with the packaging materials and environment.

5. Sublimation Design

Sublimation Designs are designs which are designed to be printed on fabrics. They use sublimation technique to print designs on fabrics. They are the best quality designs, durable ever made and are expensive. Such designs are used to produce team branded uniforms and accessories. Knowing the quality of ink and quality of fabrics where your designs are printed would be great if you are looking to be sublimation designer.

We hope this post was able to answer your query what is graphic design? We hope by knowing challenges to every kind of profession you need to face on, you can now analyze which field of graphic design would be suitable for you to choose from. If you wanted to develop yourself as the successful graphic designer remember: no one becomes the expert overnight, for becoming the expert one should have dedication, commitment passion and the most important quality is to learn from own mistakes. There are lots other posts related to design problems, in our blog section you can check them too.

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