Why freelancing agency is better than independent freelancer and freelancing sites?

Freelancing sites are taken as a great platform to find job and clients but are the clients happy with the promising freelancing sites? Freelancing websites get tons of projects listed every day, so there is plenty of work range from graphics design to web development and from android application to software development. On the off chance that you go just by the number of projects, it can overpower at first look. Every freelancer who wants to take the project has to go through the requirement of the project and has to deliver your interest to take the project. For this, you have to make a competitive bid or the estimated cost for the project.

Why most of the clients prefer freelance agency rather than so-called freelancing web platform? Maybe because of their tragic fail in these platforms, may have the project successful but with a very low quality, and many more.” You may also have some to share with us.”

Too much of competition

Freelancing websites are packed with projects so there is a high competition in the thought of getting the project some freelancers make silly bid without seeing the scope of the projects. They don’t make sensible biding of the project and provide low quality work. Freelance agencies are more reliable than individual freelancers who can provide reliable services in monthly flat fee for unlimited designs and other work range.

Low-quality projects delivered

Most of the projects are delivered are of very low quality. It takes time to find the right person for the job but some freelancer bid in every project without skill sets and most of the independent freelancer copy others work and deliver it to the client. Even we can find some pretty competent freelancer who can work for the project but most of them are already aware that establishing a freelancing agency is much better than freelancing site. So, they can provide quality work to the client and make a healthy relationship with the client for a long term.

Individual freelancers are unreliable, sometimes even disappear completely.

One of the major problems of individual freelancers is lack of communication. Leave them till the deadline and that can be the worst thing you can never think of. People tend to make mistake but continuous communication is way to let the average people make a good result.

No free trial

Individual freelancers can’t provide their client with free-trial to see their services. But freelancing agencies provide their customers with free trial services to taste their services and some has even better features like cancel project at any time, unlimited design services, and unlimited revisions too.

Late delivery of the project

“I am late” is the phrase that clients don’t want to hear.  Individual freelancer always promises in the starting that they will deliver the project by a certain date but what if they are late or call you with some stupid explanation. Freelancing agencies provide you with a service like 3 days turnaround where your works are completed within 3 days seeing the nature of the work if it is just to make some icons it is ready for you within some hour.


Let us hear from YOU. What’s your take on freelance bidding sites? Which one are the best Freelance Agency, Individual Freelancer, and Freelancing Bidding Sites to choose for your upcoming projects?


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