Know these five things before working with creative agency

We are a creative agency and have done tons of development work confidently. And much more too, Graphics design, Mobile UI, we design the logo for your company, make a sketch for your product marketing, We help you make your presence in online as a website is the core of online marketing. And we help you make your idea come into action.
We love to work with every type of company but while saying this we also may not be perfect for every type of business. While we would love to work with each organization we get the opportunity to meet with, it should be the correct relationship all together for both sides to push ahead.
So if you are making a research on things to look for in a design and development company then you are in a right place and here are hit list to go through to find out what to look for

  1.  Price

    Price is always taken as a deal maker or a deal breaker while hiring a creative agency. Depending on the type of business and nature of work the price can be huge and you also get what you pay for.

  2.  Portfolio

    The portfolio shows you what the design & development company has done for other. It shows you the past work. See it. Did you like their past work? Give some time to make some research on their past work and find out what things are good and what doesn’t works for your business. The portfolio shows you what they are capable of.

  3.  Time Commitment

    How much time does your project needs and when you need it? Are you in a quick need? Do you have some specific time, date you thinking to launch? Most company fails not because of lack of desire, but because of lack of commitment towards their work. During the project sign in spend some time sharing information about your business so the design can reflect your business.

  4.  Total Package

    Does the design/development company do all your needs? Have they ever worked with a similar business like yours in the past? Do they offer some extra facilities like an Unlimited design, unlimited revision, free-trial?

  5.  Team Work

    Who will your contact be at the organization? On the off chance that you are battling with something you have to give on your end, or simply need to check in, who would you be able to get in contact with? You may also want to know whether your works are outsourced. Most of the important is the teamwork. Will this company be able to work with other company may that has already made you broachers? Will they take in the ideas shared by the broaches designed company? On the off chance that you require an organization to get along with other colleagues, it’s great to talk about that from the earliest starting point.

DesignPac may be your right choice towards success. We are here to provide you with the best service and distinct product with extra features like Unlimited designs, Unlimited revision within your budget at a monthly flat fee.
What you think??

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