10 Essential Graphic Design Tools For Creative Designers

The design jobs would have been the out of the box taxes without graphic design tools. All thanks to these graphic design materials and their developer for making these tools available. These tools in computer graphics took entire graphics designs system into next level. Using graphic design studio these days, you could execute anything which you imagine digitally. These graphics designs tools are especially for amateur and wanted to be the pro. These graphics designs tools for beginners not only made the design work fantastic rather easy and fascinating. So, my request to amateur designers, develop the habit of using these tools. I bet you won’t be disappointed. Choosing right graphic design tools depends upon what you wanted to do. Being the design agency we know tools best for the various approaches. We try to share our insight with you from this post of ours. The article encompasses 10 essential tools for graphic designers which would make the design work comfortable.

1. Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is one of the essential tools for graphic designers, which comes with features like cropping, auto-fix, blemish removal, one-touch filter, Image rendering, sharing and much more. The road of pixel-based photo editing has been fantastic with this software. Adobe Photoshop is largely used by photographers, designers, and web professionals to enhance the photos and designs. It provides users to have creative control over image manipulation and composition. However, the tool lacks vector tools. Adobe Photoshop can help you alot with your creative project. It runs both in Mac and windows. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is Photoshop CS 6.

graphic design tool-Photoshop

2. Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is popular vector graphics software used to create logos, typography, icons, sketches or complex illustrations. Without Illustrator designing could never be faster. They come with the plug-in which helps in making a great web page. Plug-in for Illustrator with the zest of features in them enhance workflow. The software is expensive. This tool runs on both Windows and Mac. The latest version of this essential software for graphic designers is Illustrator CC.


3. Adobe Indesign
Adobe Indesign is proved graphic design material for making the great layout of mobile, magazine, printed books, brochures. The software is the first choice of professional designers. Behance and Typekit services which come along with Indesign helps to have the connection with your workflow and photography, videos, designing and web or app development. This software is however complex but as you learn it, you’ll eventually increase your capabilities of the design. The software supports Windows and Macs OS. Adobe Indesign latest available version is Adobe InDesign CS6.


4. GIMP or GNU
GIMP considered an alternate Image manipulation and authoring software to Adobe Photoshop has out signed it now. Image authoring is highly enhanced with flexible tools. Their interface is fully customizable, and the full-screen mode grants easy access to view and author image at the same time. Even though all features of Adobe Photoshop aren’t there, still GIMP provides the great experience. Having the strong support community, this software is considered to be best graphic design tools. GIMP runs on all operating systems. The latest version of GIMP is GIMP 2.8.


5. Inkscape
Inkscape is the popular alternative for Adobe Illustrator software. It comes with features like the direct edit of source code, keys to move screen pixels, editable clones on the canvas, editable gradients, one click fill paint-bucket which can’t be done in Adobe Illustrator.It is the best graphic design tools for beginners. It’s absolutely free. It has friendly interfaces which make its usability easier. The software runs well on windows and Linux. You can run it on Mac but some settings should be changed. Inkscape 0.92.1 is the latest version available.


6. Corel Draw
Corel Draw is professional vector graphics software. The software is for the aspiring web designer. It offers the ability to create unlimited illustration without any restrictions. Presently it is the most popular vector graphics software. What make it stand out is its easy interfaces and its compatibility with more files types. The software, however, lacks some photo effects, like color correction, HDR imaging and panorama merging. The software is available for windows only. Corel Draw X8 is the latest available version of the software.


7. Serif DrawPlus
Serif DrawPlus is 2D vector graphics editor and animation software. It provides realistic, natural brushes with vector editing capability. What makes the software interesting is, it’s easy interfaces. Having all the tools available for creating logos, animations posters and more, this software is available for windows only as of now. However, the tool lacks some of the photo effect features, like HDR imaging and panorama merging. Serif Draw Plus X8 is the latest version of software available in the market.

serif draw plus

8. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
Xara supports both pixel-based and vector illustration tools. The software comes with wide range of illustration and photo editing features which makes the creative work easy and friendly. However, they lack live support by phone or chat. The software runs on Windows only. Xara Photo & Graphic Design 10 is the latest version available in the market.


9. Cyberlink Photo editor
Cyberlink Photo editor is photo enhancing software competing with Adobe Photoshop. It lacks many features which Adobe Photoshop has but its easy interfaces and quick operations along with wide varieties of tools make it popular among designers. The features like face tagging, content-aware object removal, and a body-slimming tool have given the designing new perspective. However to create a graphics with the software is not easy. It also lacks illustration tools which limit design capabilities. The latest version of the software is the Cyberlink Photo editor 8.


10. Serif PhotoPlus
Serif PhotoPlus is all rounder photo amendment software, with the wide variety of tools. Its easy interfaces make it easy for use. However, to master the use of the wide variety of tools, it may take the time. It runs on windows only. Serif Photo Plus provides solutions to every photo editing needs.

Serif Photo Plus

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Days are by gone when people just read online. People love to see graphics which would make the website interesting. Graphics are made by the creative worker. There are different parts of websites, mobile apps which can be designed using different tools. Graphics designer should choose tools depending on the parts of the website and an app which they are working. Many times designer should look their financial capability and their state where they are.

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